MuseOn is a light APP working WITHOUT INTERNET so it preserves your privacy, your battery, your credit!


Easy, yet powerful

MuseOn is the Universal Free App designed to Share Cultural Heritages

MuseOn works over the patented Post Internet Era platform developed by the innovative startup iThalia srl

Thank to PIE tech MuseOn works without internet to ensure the best Privacy protection, the lowest battery and memory consumpion, the authenticity of all the shared contents and the defense of copyrights.

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Works everywhere

There isn't cellular or wi-fi signal, is there? 
There's not enought internet bandwidth, is there?

MuseOn, thanks to PIE patented platform works everywhere regardless the internet connection and needs less than 50 free megabytes in your device!


Features from the future

HQ App Development

MuseOn App is wrote using the
last version of Swift┬« 

Automatic Customization

A universal App that becomes
the Official App of your site
as soon as the visitor reaches you

User Friendly

Just one App to learn and to keep
no complication of page structure
and self reading of all texts


Non consuming background operation for longer mobile life, no cellular data needed, low CPU and memory consumption

Network benefits

MuseOn promotes all the affiliated sites
and automatically turns on the Navi

Share the love

Let people share your contents
so you'll control the quality of shared info

Post Internet Era

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